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Six cosmetics indispensable in your bag


1. Cotton buds

It is essential that your bag containing cotton buds; they are the solution to all the make-up errors that may occur due to changes in the air, or other reasons, you may need to clean the lining of your eyes out, or to remove the remnants of eye makeup if you feel that the passage of time may make it dull, in addition to cleaning lips if the food you’ve ever had to spoil its appearance, and many other situations.

2. Moisturizing cream

Your moisturizing cream of the basic things in your bag, especially with the onset of winter days, use whenever you wash your hands, or felt Bajafavhma, also used on the tip of the nose if I felt that the cold weather contributed to the dryness of your nose. As well as you keep lips moisturizing cream to use it whenever you feel dry and crack

3. Make-up powder

May be exposed in the middle of the day to remove the make-up of the points in your face. For example, the mouth after eating, which may spoil your appearance throughout the day, and to solve this problem, you must use your own make-up powder. Put the little ones on your face bare of make-up areas to leave your consistent and radiant with the rest of the face.

4. Lipstick

We all know that the first thing fades from lipstick make-up is a result of eating, drinking or licking the lips so necessary to the existence of your lipstick with you always to get the lips moist and radiant all the time.

5. Paper napkins

Tissue paper may help you clean your face and scattering What comment do between now and then, as you can renew your make-up quickly using lotions and with the help of your tissue paper.

6. Transparent nail polish

We all know the positions that may pass us during the day of breakage or cracking nails, nail polish may help you a lot in the development of an insulating layer to prevent this.

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  3. For many girls, these tips may seem very simple. But this is indeed a necessary means. You can correct your makeup during the day. Or apply it again if necessary.

  4. Enjoyed reading the article above, really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting and effective.

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