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Three rules to know for an effective beauty ritual

effective beauty ritual

Every morning it’s the same routine. We start by washing our face to remove the last residue of makeup or the pollution of the day before and then apply our care. But what are the gestures that make the difference? Explanations.

After cleaning our skin, comes the step of the application of care on the face. Serum, lotion, cream and makeup… We know the key ingredients but we still have to adopt the right reflexes.

The right order

Lotion (or Tonic)

The first thing to be adopted each morning is to apply a lotion. It will remove the last makeup residue, the cumulative pollution while waking up the face. The lotion will promote the continuation of the morning routine.


Serum is an asset care generally adapted to our skin type (oily, sensitive, dry). After waiting 30 seconds for the lotion to become impregnated, the serum will penetrate easily into the epidermis thanks to its light and fine texture.

Day Cream

In addition to drinking a lot of water, to have a good mine goes through the hydration of the face. The cream will avoid tightness, drought and external aggressions of the day. It will also promote the foundation and the application of other cosmetics thereafter.

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  1. People never follow the rules, that is why they cannot treat their bodies carefully and in accordance with the particular rules.

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