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Five worst habits lead to hair loss

five worst habits lead to hair loss

Hair loss is more than the problems of many women, but do you know that you are you may be the reason behind the weakness and the fall of your hair? Yes, there are bad habits may be used to engage in without knowing the harm to your hair, which loses its luster and shine of your hair gradually, and the worst of these habits are:

1. comb the hair from the roots to the parties

The purpose of combing hairbrush or comb is the distribution of natural oils in the scalp to the hair from the roots to the parties, but comb the hair from the roots to the parties may cause hair damage from the middle and the parties and increased hair loss ratio, especially if the hair lightly or weak. So the best way to comb the hair comb is the first of the Parties to the top and then down to the scalp and hair roots, taking care to use the broad comb instead of a narrow tooth comb if the hair light and weak.

2. Wash hair daily

Wash hair every day of the worst habits that lead to a weakening of the hair and frequent hair loss, because frequent washing hair leads to a denial of natural oils that protect it from embrittlement and precipitation. So it is best to wash hair once or twice a week, taking care to work bath oil for hair once a week.

3. Hair drying

Many resort to a dryer drying hair after a bath directly, which leads to hair loss smoothness and luster of natural and increases the hair loss. So the best way to dry hair after a bath is dried Toweling gently, then left to dry in the air. If necessary, use a hairdryer, it must be used on low temperature with no use on a daily basis.

4. exposing hair to high temperatures

More things that weaken the hair and lead to increased hair loss frequent exposing hair to high temperatures, as was the case when the individual hair irons or blow dry, electric, so it is better not to expose hair to high temperatures, and the use of intermediate temperatures in those machines, as well as care, must be taken to feed Hair decent work pools and natural oils to compensate oils that lose hair as a result of exposure to heat.

5. malnutrition

Hair organism, it grows and is influenced by external factors such as heat and air, and also internal factors such as poor physical condition and malnutrition, So try to provide the necessary for your hair nutrition by eating foods rich in vitamin C (HCV), iron, zinc and folic acid., Iron, and zinc, and folic acid.

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