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Six cosmetics indispensable in your bag


1. Cotton buds

It is essential that your bag containing cotton buds; they are the solution to all the make-up errors that may occur due to changes in the air, or other reasons, you may need to clean the lining of your eyes out, or to remove the remnants of eye makeup if you feel that the passage of time may make it dull, in addition to cleaning lips if the food you’ve ever had to spoil its appearance, and many other situations.

2. Moisturizing cream

Your moisturizing cream of the basic things in your bag, especially with the onset of winter days, use whenever you wash your hands, or felt Bajafavhma, also used on the tip of the nose if I felt that the cold weather contributed to the dryness of your nose. As well as you keep lips moisturizing cream to use it whenever you feel dry and crack

3. Make-up powder

May be exposed in the middle of the day to remove the make-up of the points in your face. For example, the mouth after eating, which may spoil your appearance throughout the day, and to solve this problem, you must use your own make-up powder. Put the little ones on your face bare of make-up areas to leave your consistent and radiant with the rest of the face.

4. Lipstick

We all know that the first thing fades from lipstick make-up is a result of eating, drinking or licking the lips so necessary to the existence of your lipstick with you always to get the lips moist and radiant all the time.

5. Paper napkins

Tissue paper may help you clean your face and scattering What comment do between now and then, as you can renew your make-up quickly using lotions and with the help of your tissue paper.

6. Transparent nail polish

We all know the positions that may pass us during the day of breakage or cracking nails, nail polish may help you a lot in the development of an insulating layer to prevent this.

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Three rules to know for an effective beauty ritual

effective beauty ritual

Every morning it’s the same routine. We start by washing our face to remove the last residue of makeup or the pollution of the day before and then apply our care. But what are the gestures that make the difference? Explanations.

After cleaning our skin, comes the step of the application of care on the face. Serum, lotion, cream and makeup… We know the key ingredients but we still have to adopt the right reflexes.

The right order

Lotion (or Tonic)

The first thing to be adopted each morning is to apply a lotion. It will remove the last makeup residue, the cumulative pollution while waking up the face. The lotion will promote the continuation of the morning routine.


Serum is an asset care generally adapted to our skin type (oily, sensitive, dry). After waiting 30 seconds for the lotion to become impregnated, the serum will penetrate easily into the epidermis thanks to its light and fine texture.

Day Cream

In addition to drinking a lot of water, to have a good mine goes through the hydration of the face. The cream will avoid tightness, drought and external aggressions of the day. It will also promote the foundation and the application of other cosmetics thereafter.

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Get ready for the new year with sparkling Queens with these tips

Get ready for the new year with sparkling Queens with these tips
At the beginning of every new year, usually keep a list of decisions that should be realized in various aspects and areas of life, perhaps the most notable running balek dear woman is searching for aesthetic tips and new products that help you to groom and keep you in receiving your glowing new year events. So go apply these simple steps for a renewed and lasting beauty.

Remove makeup before going to sleep: Although the evening was fantastic and tired and need to submerge your bed quickly, so hurry to first remove makeup because your skin needs to breathe in order to stay fresh.

Take care of supplying your skin: you can get smooth skin and a much smoother to use lotion you find light in the habit, a skin lotion as this powder composition with energy and Purgatory, a component of the anti-bacteria materials and dope lies their role in stimulating circulation smoothly, your skin breathe better.

Increase the use of masks: drink plenty of use of the ocular to your skin. And if you wonder, should I use the mask peeled or mask humidifier, the answer is both: initially, apply mask to clean your skin of impurities after washing your face by refreshing water, my little mask humidifier or a thick layer of your day cream.

The feet of your skin care value: add more nutrient special skin avoided the pale appearance, climate variability and stress and fatigue from the main factors negatively affecting them. So they need to be careful and serum cream secures them the nutrients they need.

Condemned is too soft: enjoy attractive and beautiful toenails condemns, and if you don’t have time to visit beauty and nail care session, rub your hands and legs nails every day in the shower my conditioner humidifier for nail, it would be very easy to put your own nail.

Healthy hair, and attractive: the poetry of things that draws on women, so must maintain it in an appropriate manner by continuously using natural oils which means hair vitality and maintain shiny appearance, in addition to using the appropriate shampoos.

Juicy Green: let your companion as celebrities! Abstract organic fruits and vegetables such as parsley, celery, lettuce, apples, etc., all to get rid of accumulated toxins in your body, appetite, lose weight is magical.

• Motion: why don’t you ascend the stairs? Abandoned elevator and motor muscles of your body, and you can park your car at a distance but close and walk to your Office.

More sleep: try to sleep an hour earlier than usual, this medication is free and beneficial to your body and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

Sport: morning light and easy movements am gives you vigor and vitality is the day nicer.

Fashion: is enjoyed by young, followed in line with your body is very important so look younger, for example wearing clothes with warm colours to correspond with the age away from dark colors that reflect the old age, choice of attractive youthful fragrance is very important in the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, and applying make-up modern commensurate with the latest trends. So try Madam follow fashion consistent with your age and your body shape.

Smile: the mystery of beauty secrets, so it is always recommended to keep away from whatever is causing negative thinking to replace balabtsamh, with a beautiful impression of the person and a great facial and reduce tension and increase self-confidence.