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Fashion “SWAG”

Nowadays, young people like to dress in the style “swag” is a style that happens to be fella, leaves young people with a good wave and is set up in any young.

Fashion SWAG

The boys like to wear baggy pants, baggy T-shirts and a little long, with stamped cool stuff, like pants vans, air force, air max, and some brand shoes, like using cap’s with symbols of Superman, which say “swag” or “supreme” or anything else.

Fashion SWAGFashion SWAG

Swagger means style, and Swag is a lazy way of speaking abbreviated mineirês Swag. Are words used to say that someone has style, attitude, dress well, and all that blah blah blah that all Fashion blog uses when will pull bag praise someone.

Fashion SWAGFashion SWAG

However, swag also refers to a way of dressing very specific, akin Hip Hop Movement. It was thanks to swag the straight-brimmed hats won the “great pardon” and failed to define who was “good to be burglar” and “good to be assaulted.” Now straight-brimmed hat is synonymous with style, it’s cool, it’s swaaaaaaaag! But you see, it’s cool MANUFACTURED the cap only with the straight brim, not one cap flap curve that someone decided arretar, this continues there having strong connection to urban hazard indicators.

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Until Christmas

I do some shoppings Deco recent days by moving from Ikea in the world houses, but Casa Babou. And the least we can say is that these small treasures regorges stores, I’ve spotted so many wonders, including the decoration of Christmas!
I fell for this pretty candle in Babou and placemat verssion sheepskin in the world houses, it is not cute?
Of Course, I still fell for this collection in white embroidery style Ikea, plus tea & a lovely candle that is now gray. At Casa I loved the marble spirit collection, I quickly put in my basket that clock and the plate.
I highly recommend Babu for home linen collection, 3 € per towel the price / quality ratio is excellent.
This is also in Babou I started my first Christmas decoration shopping for this cute wreath boa € 2 like my new fancy candles € 2.50 and this adorable gift box.

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Show me your lipstick color, and I’ll tell you who you are

Men find women a red mouth particularly attractive. But really true this prejudice? What effect have shades like red, nude, pink and purple to other people and what they say about us from? According to a study of cosmetic brand CoverGirl are women who often wear lipstick, more self-confident. In our lipstick colors Troubleshooter we tell you what the four tones to really tell about yourself according to the study.

Show me your lipstick color, and I'll tell you who you are
Is it true that red lips look especially sexy? Copyright: Catwalk Pictures


If you have your lipstick color found and you end up with red, do you consider unique about the daring women. Your Friday night you spend certainly not exhausted on the couch, but enjoys it better with friends over a drink in the favorite bar. Rotträgerinnen is said also creativity and extreme sportiness. With this combination, it is not surprising that men prefer red as lipstick color.
Show me your lipstick color, and I'll tell you who you are
Colors that make them look ventured close to independent women. Copyright: Catwalk Pictures

Lila-Liebhaber (Purple lovers)

Berry and blue tones are especially in autumn and winter. They let you independent and self-sufficient act, because the intense, dark colors require self-confidence. However berry tone-makers are more likely to quiet people who go out rarely and place little value on material things. Earthiness in person, so!
Show me your lipstick color, and I'll tell you who you are
To a casual everyday look, many of us discreet makeup nude lips. But what do they mean? Copyright: Catwalk Pictures


Your first date is imminent? Then you should resort to a subtle nude shade. Because according to psychologists acting women with unobtrusive lip colors at once warmhearted and compassionate. In addition, means an unobtrusive color that the wearer is confident and can assess themselves well.
Show me your lipstick color, and I'll tell you who you are
At Topshop Unique is scheduled for the fall collection on pink lips, because then the model act cheerful. Copyright: Catwalk Pictures


In the current advertising campaigns as often see models with pink lips. Why? Because they act gregarious and fun-loving and the potential buyer is interested in directly to the person. Rosa makes also strong: Even in the upper echelons women tend according to the study often used to carry a rich pink on the lips. There seems to be something to it, see Angela Merkel.
I am convinced that the different colors individually affect our counterpart. But if you can categorize women because of their lipstick color, I find questionable. For the friend with whom I have the most fun when going out, wearing prefer Beerentöne on the lips and has infinitely many pairs of shoes. Or is it just the exception that proves the rule ?!

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